2 thoughts on “Wandi Community Centre”

  1. Interested in casual participation, visiting WA, been here a few weeks. Is this possible? Would wish to borrow or hire gear. Have LARP before, sword and shield if possible

    • Hi Taylor.
      Most events have plenty of folks willing to loan gear. While a part of the LARPwest committee I am also a Marshal at Warhearts this weekend in Wandi. If you were looking to attend then you could play NPCs most of the day, which would certainly give you access to loaner gear (though our shields are mostly bucklers for NPCs.

      You can also look to hanging out at one or more training sessions.

      Most of the announcements of events are actually put across on Facebook.
      Perth LARP is the main community group:

      Warhearts, which is running the event at Wandi this weekend, has a group at:


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