On a field of yellow flowers, mortal enemies once again meet in battle. Emerging from the rising sun, the disciplined and devout soldiers of the Empire. To greet them with ferocity, the naturalistic, united warriors of the Clans. Welcome to the world of Faith and Steel.

What is Faith and Steel?

Faith and Steel is a combat heavy fantasy LARP based in Western Australia. It runs weekend events twice a year in Boddington as well as smaller day events closer to the Perth metro area. The event focuses on the conflict between two Factions, the Clans and the Empire. The Factions grapple for resources, territory, and advantage in a shifting world.

This LARP involves players choosing a side. They create a character and costume in line with their Faction’s theme. Then, attend an event to roleplay and fight as this character. The event uses LARP safe foam weapons to simulate combat. Roleplay themes tend to focus around war, camaraderie, magic, faith, and humanity. However, at the end of the day this is your story, and it goes where you dare to take it.

The World of Faith and Steel

The Continent of Conquest houses two warring Factions.

In the East, the red adorned Empire. The people are ingenuous, disciplined, and highly devout to their immortal leader the Empress Aurora. Under her Blazing Sun they strive for faith and order. The Empire is technologically advanced, with many marvels in the fields of blacksmithing and alchemy. However, the cost of this ingenuity depletes the resources of the land, for which the people suffer.

In the West, the warriors of the Clans, united in their reverence for the natural world.The Clans of Bear, Wolf, Serpent, Boar, Raven and Deer are named for the traits of the animals they embody. They worship elemental Gods; the Mother Tree of the land, the Twin Ravens of the skies, and the Father Serpent of seas and sands. The Gods reflect the cycle of life, death and rebirth considered sacred in the lives of all Clansfolk. 

To the South, a wall of Mist has long since been a barrier blocking the Northern peoples from what lays below. In recent years an unprecedented event saw the Mist shifting. What lays beyond remains a mystery to both sides of the War.

This story follows warriors on the front lines as they fight battles in a changing world. Will you join them?

How to Get Involved?

The main hub to check out is the Faith and Steel Facebook group. This is our main platform for communicating with players, announcing events and rule changes.


In the files section of this group you’ll find the Rules Document, which will give you a breakdown of how things work and how to create a character. There are also lore documents so you can read up on the world and story.

We run a fortnightly training session in Victoria Park on a Wednesday night. This is a great way to come along, meet people, and learn about the event in a fun, low pressure environment. Training is free with no equipment requirements. Keep an eye on the Faith and Steel Facebook group for more details.

Photography featured by Jacob Palmer Photography