Concord LARP Link

Concord is a fantasy weekender LARP in Perth, Western Australia. It is based on the Empire LARP system by Profound Decisions in the UK, but with a combat and spell casting system more commonly found here, a new setting and a more streamlined overall ruleset. It is written by Michael Harris and launched in July 2021.

Players will play as heroes of the Concord, an empire of necessity that is struggling to survive in a hostile fantasy realm. Concord is a game of politics, heroism, combat, subterfuge, economics and religion in what could be broadly called a low-fantasy world. It is a game focused around creating a living world that values responsiveness to player actions and story with weight.

At the game players will engage in a cutthroat social world of running an empire where there isn’t enough to go around, be that on a personal prosperity focus, prosperity for your realm or prosperity for the Concord as a whole. When players take to the field to test their steel they may be facing our dedicated Non-player team or even monsters played by the other players. In general, Concord is a game where socially, the other characters are your rivals but on the battlefield the enemies are controlled by the Concord team.

Concord is also a game of growth and risk. Over time characters will accrue experience, gain new skills, hoard wealth and spend power. This is all in pursuit of crafting a world that lives and breathes in response to players actions. However if your character is foolish enough to be caught out by your foes and dies, then that is it. They are gone. Tread carefully.

As a weekender, the game takes place from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Players are welcome to arrive on site as early as Friday morning and are invited to camp over the weekend. Camping provides a large part of the experience with the camaraderie and unity it provides. Players can camp in either an Out-of-Character area with modern tents/campers or in an In-Character area centered on the main play space. We encourage the In-Character area, as it is the ultimate way to experience Concord.

More details about Concord can be found via their Facebook Group (Concord LARP) or via the Wiki Page (Concord Wiki).