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“You’re reading this because your blood is too thin. Or you didn’t get embraced into the “right” clan. Maybe you think that you Kindred should have more freedom than Kine, not less. For all I know it’s because the Camarilla have turned their back on you and thrown you out of their little “club”. Maybe you’re scared of the Kine hunters. Could be one of those reasons, could be all of them, doesn’t matter.

You wanna be an Anarch.

But mate, it ain’t that easy. The Anarchs aren’t a replacement for what the Camarilla was before. We don’t just let anyone in this city call themselves an Anarch, and we ain’t some “Big Tent” sect. Calling yourself an Anarch means something, and it better mean something to you, cause it means a fuckton to us.

If you call yourself an Anarch it means you’re with us. It don’t mean you’re always agreeing with what everyone says, but when the shit hits the fan you’re with us. It means you’re fighting on behalf of those whose blood is thinner than ours. It means you’re fighting so that we can Embrace whoever the fuck we want without having to bend our knee to some Ivory Tower dickhead Prince. It means you’re fighting so we don’t have to be puppets to some fuck head Elder.

Calling yourself an Anarch means not fucking with each other. You wanna go dance the Danse Macabre and play politics? Do that somewhere else. For Anarchs when one of us wins, we all win. When one of us suffers, we all suffer. We aren’t in a position to swan around a fuckin Elysium asking each other “And so how is your evening?”. We get in, and get straight to the fucking action. Time is against us. Always.

You’re gonna need your fangs mate. They’re gonna get a serious workout. Not just from feeding. You’re gonna need em to rip out the throats of Kine who hunt us. You’re gonna turn them against the Camarilla.

Everyone’s an equal in the Anarchs, that’s what this country is about.

The nights are violent. You gotta be strong enough, fast enough, cool enough, and smart enough to run with us. Are you able to do that? Are you hard as fuckin’ nails?

Fuck it; eternity’s too short. I’ve said enough.

The time has come to take the night back. You feel that riot in your blood? You with us?

More details about Riot in the Blood can be found via their Facebook Group (Riot in the Blood – VTM Anarch LARP – Perth).